Today, there are several breeders who use the term 'wolf sable' when advertising their pups. The term 'wolf' does NOT refer to the Pom's color. Many people assume that wolf refers to a gray color. Just because a dog/puppy 'looks like a wolf' does not in fact make it a true wolf sable. The ONLY way to determine a wolf sable is by genetic testing  from a reputable lab (such as U.C. Davis, CA). Above are the Agouti Dog Coat Color test codes indicating what a dog actually is genetically. The wild/wolf sable gene is very rare. Many puppies advertised as wolf sables are actually cream/orange/red sables and are not genetic wolf sables. These puppies are adorable when young and look like  a little wolf  but as they mature their true genetic color emerges and the 'wolf-look' often disappears. Don't be fooled by the term 'wolf sable' and pay more for it... ask the breeder if the pup has been genetically tested and make your decision then. Note: there are very few true wolf sable breeders in the US and even fewer with exotic colored wolf sable Pomeranians. WolfPack Poms does genetic testing for the wolf sable gene at UC Davis, CA  and will provide written test results to each buyer...

AY-AY: homozygous for fawn/sable 

AY-AT dog is fawn & carries black & tan 

AY-A: dog is fawn & carries recessive black

AT-AT: homozygous for black & tan

AT-A: dog is black & tan, carries recessive blk

A-A: homozygous for recessive black

Wolf Sables

BOTH of these Poms are wolf sables genetically tested  AW-AW, homozygous for wild/wolf sable. ALL of their pups will be wolf sables or wolf sable gene carriers depending on the male they are bred with.

WolfPack Poms

Although this Pom looks like a wolf sable, genetically he is not. He tested AY-AT; fawn and carries the 'and tan' gene. However, if bred with an AW-AW female, ALL of the pups would be either a wolf sable gene carrier AY-AW or a true wolf sable AW-AW or AW-AT wolf sable with 'and tan' carrier. The ONLY way to be sure is to have the pups genetically tested.


AY-AW: dog is fawn & carries wild /wolf sable

AW-AW: homozygous for wild /wolf sable

AW-AT: dog is wild/wolf  sable & carries blk & tan

AW-A: dog is wild /wolf sable carries recessive blk


order of dominance: AY  AW  AT...the wild/wolf sable gene AW was first discovered in Canada. It is a rare and sometimes coveted pattern in Poms and perhaps the oldest among animals...

WolfPack Poms

Selene, AKC 8lb. cream/white AW-AW and Yuki, 7lb. cream/white AW-AW are sisters CH Pretty Boy Floyd, CH Machine Gun Kelly colors in lines; wolf sable, white, cream, blue & tan, black & tan, beaver parti

Wolf In Sheep's Clothing 2x AW-AW

Darkyst Wolf At The Parti

Selene AW-AW Queen

Call Of The Wild AWAW

Wolfgang, AKC 5 1/2lb. AW-AW CH Music Maker, CH Makin Music, CH Mr Chips, CH Righteous Rock, CH Janessa Berry Tby, CH Machine Gun Kelly  colors in lines; wolf sable, black & tan, cream, white, blue & tan 

At'eed Carries Wolf

At'eed, AKC 5lb. cream sable AY-AW daughter of Selene x Logan

ADULTS are NOT for sale

Darkyst, AKC 4lb. AW-AT GCH Remington Steele, CH Dancing With Silver, CH Cookie Cutter Boogie, CH Remington Steele, CH Born To Bogie colors in lines; wolf sable, black & tan, choc & tan, tri parti

 This Pom does not 'look' like a wolf sable but he tested AY-AW, a wolf sable gene carrier. 

Yuki x Darkyst have 3 boys!!! born 9/11  est. $3500-$5000