Our males and females have been carefully selected. They come from many of the most prestigious show breeders: Showin, Jan-Shar, Beau James, Finch'sCantonPoms Du SoleilWee Hearts, PombredenStolanne, Evensong, Karakoussi, Southland, RivendallRoyal Tee

Our Ladies - not for sale 

Bordeaux At Sunset

Moonlit Shima Waya

Waya, AKC 7 lb. cream sable, AY-AY   CH Dancing with Silver, CH Big Bad Wolf, CH Lightening Flashes   Colors in lines: blk & tan, cream sable, cream, wolf sable

Bordeaux, AKC  6 lbs. red sable, AY-AT CH on both sides  Sire is AKC pointed,  CH Sixth Sense, CH Traveling Man, CH The Legend Continues, CH Tuff Guy, CH Reach'N For The Stars, CH For Keep-Sake, CH Applause Please, CH Dressed Enuff For KC  Colors in lines: red & orange sable, black & tan,  white, orange

Cognac on the Rocks

Cognac, AKC 6 lb. choc, AY-AW   CH Strike N Distance, CH Music Maker colors in lines; blue sable, wolf sable, blk parti, blue parti, beaver, red, choc, cream, white

Lil Twist of Joy

Joydane, AKC 8 lb. lavender tri parti, AY-AT CH Strike N Distance  colors in lines: choc parti, blue sable, black parti, blue parti, beaver, choc, orange

Kaya with a Silver Lining

Kaya, AKC 6 lb. black & tan, AT-AT   CH Traveling in Style, CH Sixth Sense, CH Dressed Enuff for KC,  CH Big Bad Wolf, CH Traveling Man, CH The Legend Continues  colors in lines; orange, orange sable, white, cream sable, blk & tan

Diamond Tiara in the Ruff

Tiara, AKC 8lb. white/cream sable, AY-AW CH Pretty Boy Floyd, CH Fun Time, CH Machine Gun Kelly colors in lines; white, cream, wolf sable, blue & tan