This agreement is made by and between Dawn Johnson, hereinafter referred to as "Breeder" and ________________________________________________________________

 hereinafter referred to as "Buyer" for the purchase of a puppy. Buyer has reserved a ______male   ____female    date____________________________

 Reserved puppy was born on_________________  dam/sire____________________________________________________________color______________________________________________

 AKC registration type:  ______pet/companion (no breeding rights)   _____full AKC (breeding/show rights) additional 

 Do you want puppy microchipped?  ______no      ______yes ($50 extra)

 No puppy will be held without minimum $500 deposit.

 deposit sent to Breeder on________________________________ via:  ____Zelle (preferred)  ____PayPal +3% fee _____money order with photo prior to sending

 Breeder received deposit on_______________________the balance due of $_______________________________(shipping included if applicable) is due 3 days prior to pick up if Zelle/ money order or 10 days prior to shipping (puppy must be at least  9wks. to ship). If balance due is not received 10 days prior to ship date, puppy will be relisted for sale and all monies received will NOT be returned to buyer. ALL puppies must be paid for in full no later than 10 wks. of age. Our puppies are weaned at least two weeks  before leaving and will not leave prior to 9 weeks of age. (small puppies may need to stay longer). If at any time after deposit is received, buyer decides not to buy puppy NO monies will be returned to the buyer.   ________________(initial)     

 Do you need puppy shipped?   _____yes   _____no          ship to:__________________________________________________________________(airport)                                                            Sales and Conditions

We try our very best to sell only healthy puppies. They are dear to our hearts and consistently cared for. We guarantee your puppy will be in good health, free from any life threatening congenital defects/infectious disease and current on vaccinations, worming prior to their departure. All of our puppies will have been previously examined by our licensed veterinarian and will have received a health certificate. Everything possible has been done to keep each puppy healthy while in our care. This guarantee is valid for 3 days once in our buyer's care, but buyer must have puppy seen by a vet within THREE days of possession.   __________________(initial)  **If buyer's vet finds a life-threatening (congenitial) condition present, buyer agrees to notify us the SAME day and we will replace your  puppy with one (as soon as available) of equal value upon return to us of the original puppy, registration papers if applicable and written documentation and reports from the examining vet. Buyer is responsible for all shipping costs and any/all vet expenses. We will have the puppy examined by our licensed vet for a second opinion. We do NOT guarantee breeding ability, size, coat color or consistency, disposition at maturity or show potential. We can give an approximate adult size based on the weight chart, parents' weights and history. Our health guarantee does not cover hypoglycemina (sugar shock), coccidiosis, giardia,  allergies, respiratory infections, luxating patellas, internal/external parasites or any other non life threatening conditions (ones that can be prevented or traits that are not life threatening) once puppy has left our care. *Small breeds are subject to Hypoglycemina (sugar shock) and prevention is the responsibility of the buyer. We recommend Nutri-Cal or a high calorie booster to be kept on hand for Poms under 13wks. old. If buyer neglects to have puppy examined by a licensed  vet within THREE days of possession, ALL Guarantees are NULL and VOID. WolfPack Poms assumes no financial responsibility after the puppy leaves us. This includes but is not limited to: medical expenses, landlord/family/spouse, etc. disapproval, allergy, mortality or any other reason except congenitial birth defect causing death.  _______________(initial) Current vaccination records from breeder will be provided with puppy. WolfPack Poms feeds Nutro chicken, brown rice, sweet potato small breed puppy dry food (available at We recommend feeding this (we will provide a quart bag with your puppy) and mixing to the food you prefer to prevent more stress to your puppy. Mix lighter then heavier for a couple of weeks before switching entirely. Should buyer be unable to care for the puppy at any time, breeder shall be contacted with first option, and if needed, will help buyer find a good home for the puppy/dog. If any legal action were to be necessary regarding this agreement or the puppy it refers to, by either Buyer or Breeder, all such actions must be made and completed in the town and state in which the Breeder resides.

 Forms of Payment Accepted: Zelle (preferred), PayPal Friends and Family, cash, or money order. Minimum deposit of $500 to reserve. ***if for any reason   charges  are added to money sent, BUYER is responsible for taking care the additional fees to the Breeder. We will send a receipt for all monies as we receive   them. We do not accept deposits until puppy is 6 weeks old.

 Buyer Name (printed)_________________________________________________________________

 Buyer Signature__________________________________________________________________by signing here I attest that I am not a broker, puppymill or pet shop owner.

 Buyer address, city, state, zip___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

 phone__________________________________________________ email_________________________________________________________________

 Breeder/Seller   Dawn Johnson, WolfPack Poms

 Breeder will provide the following: registration Application, Vet Records, Health Certificate, pedigree, info pack, puppy starter food