Darkside of the Moon Zena

Selene AW-AW Queen

(Onida) Blue Collar Duchess 

Onida, AKC 7 lb. AW-AW CH Pretty Boy Floyd,  CH Uptown Saturday Night, CH My-T-Fine, CH Machine Gun Kelly, CH Wondering Star colors in lines; wolf sable, cream/white, blue & tan, blk & tan, wolf sable parti, cream sable

Black Wolf Reign of Chaos

Song of Nekoma

Nekoma, 5lb. AW-AW  CH Magic Moments, CH Music Maker, CH Machine Gun Kelly  colors in lines: wolf sable, wolf sable parti, blk & tan, cream, white, org sable

Selene, AKC 9 lb. AW-AW    CH Machine Gun Kelly, CH Pretty Boy Floyd   colors in lines: wolf sable, cream sable, blk & tan, wh/cream

Song of Dyani 

Dyani, AKC 5lb. AW-AW CH Canton Wondering Star, CH Machine Gun Kelly, CH Uptown Saturday night colors in lines; wolf sable, cream, white, blue & tan, cream sable, black & tan

Kristal Blue Persuasion

Kristal, AKC 5 lb. AW-AT, CH Machine Gun Kelly, CH Pretty Boy Floyd colors in lines; blue wolf sable, white, wolf sable, blue & tan, blk & tan, tri parti, choc

Chaos, AKC 4 lb.  AW-AT,  GCH Texas Hold Em, GCH Fancy Pants, CH Grossvenor Gest, CH Hot Rod Parti , CH Pretty Boy Floyd, CH Machine Gun Kelly, CH Big bad Wolf colors in lines: wolf sable, Black, cream sable, b&t parti, blue & tan, choc parti, cream, white/cream, blue

 Zena,  AKC 7lb.  AW-AT GCH Texas Hold Em, GCH Hi Style Fancy Pants, CH Hot Rod Parti, CH Sengi Vit, CH Music Maker, CH Mr. Chips  colors in lines; wolf sable, black, white, cream sable, black parti, black & tan, choc parti