Why is AKC considered better than other dog registries? Why does an AKC puppy often cost more? What is the difference between dog registries? The article below from showbreeders.org will answer these questions and provide valuable information when searching for a purebred puppy...

ALL WolfPack Poms are proudly registered only with AKC

Our Gents-not for sale 


Beowolf Man Logan

Logan, AKC 5 lb cream sable  AY-AT,    CH g-sired The Big Bad Wolf colors in lines: cream sable with mask, black & tan, orange  

Reign of Zeus

Winter Night in White Satin

Winter, AKC 6 lb. white AY-AY   CH J RUS, CH RUS Chriscendo Communique, CH COR Snow Dandy, CH KOR Marshmaro of Funpuppy colors in lines; white, orange

Zeus, AKC 5 lb solid black, AY-AT  CH g-sired Sengi Vit, GCH Texas Hold Em', GCH Hi Style's Fancy Pants, CH Hot Rod Parti, CH Parti Crasher II, CH Choc Bon Bon Parti, CH Outa Sight Sweetness, CH Big Bad Wolf colors in lines: cream sable, black, blk & tan, choc parti, cream, orange

Cravin' Me a Printz Romeo

 Puppy buyers beware of breeders who just say their dogs are "registered" or their puppies come with "registration". It is your responsibility to ASK if  they are AKC registered as some breeders will not tell you that their dogs and puppies are registered with another registry. It is also your responsibility to ask questions and find out if the puppy is really what the breeder says they are; Is the puppy purebred? Do they really know for sure who the sire and dam are? Why have they not chosen to register their puppies AKC? Is it because other registries are cheaper, because they don't require DNA testing to be sure of parentage, because they don't require inspection of their records of breedings and where their puppies go? Or maybe it's because the breeder purchased a pet quality purebred dog without papers (because original breeder is waiting on proof of spay/neuter) or with limited registration rights (without breeding rights) and decided to breed it anyway to get some puppies to sell. Only 2 registries are for purebred dogs only; American Kennel Club (AKC) and Canadian Kennel Club. Other registries will allow: mixed breeds, new breeds ('designer' puppies), optional bloodline info, no registration #s of parents and compliance with breeding standards is voluntary. These registries have lax rules and lack of breeder accountability which can lead to poor quality dogs, congenital defects and dogs that are not in fact purebreds. Backyard breeders and puppymills use other registries because they are "breeder friendly". AKC requires: complete and accurate records of breedings, placement of any and all puppies produced and DNA testing on stud dogs to keep breeders honest and the purebred pure. AKC is over 130 years old, therefore a dog's lineage can be traced back that far. Yes it costs more to produce a purebred dog registered through AKC, but the cost, care and quality  of puppies should not be a $$ issue with a responsible breeder. Reputable breeders who truely care about breed standards and healthy dogs with good temperaments will register their dogs with the AKC only.

House of Capricorn

Capricorn, AKC 8 lb. Choc Merle, CH Up in Smoke colors in lines; choc & tan merle, blk & tan, choc merle, blue merle, choc, choc parti

Romeo, AKC 5 lb. tri parti, CH Uptown Friday Night, CH My-T-Fine colors in lines; blue & tan, tri parti, wolf sable parti, wolf sable, blk & tan